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 I may be the world’s worst writer, but I’m the world’s best rewriter.
 在所有的作家中,我可能不是写得最好的,但在反复修改上却是做得最好的。
 In handling the materials of history, each act of selection is also an act of judgement.
 在处理历史资料时,每选一项资料就是做出一种判断。
 Some suggest that Smith himself is a reluctant reformer.
 有人认为,史密斯本人就不太情愿改革。
词— I.词性转换法
 It seems that most countries of the world have a strong desire to mutually expand their trade.
 世界上大多数国家似乎都有一种强烈的相互扩大贸易市场的渴望。
 世界上大多数国家似乎都强烈希望扩展彼此之间的贸易。
 I admire your decision to fight against the difficulties in preparing the examination.
 A careful study of the original text will give you a better translation.
 仔细研究原文,你会翻译得更好。
 Conversations with him always has a serious content, for his commitment to his life’s work was always there.
 每次与他交谈,内容往往是严肃谨慎的,因为他总是以事业为重。
 Another important goal in this meeting is increased educational opportunities for girls and women.
 另外一个主要目标是扩大女孩和妇女受教育的机会。
 Note his emphasis on looking better.
 注意他强调的是更有希望。
 These traditions (of Japanese companies) include lifetime employment for all workers.
 这些传统包括所有员工终身受雇。
 She came to China as a missionary.
 她来中国传教。
 His whole family were religious.
 他全家都是虔诚的教徒.
 He was eloquent and elegant—but soft.
 他有口才、有风度,但性格软弱。
 The cutting tools must be strong, tough, and wear resistant.
 刀具须有足够的强度、硬度、而且要耐磨。
 Premature marriages have statistically proved to end prematurely.
 统计数字表明,不成熟的婚姻容易夭折。
 On a country road we stop a local man and ask how far to the next village. “what?” he invariably answers, understandably surprised to be addressed in Chinese by foreigners.
 我们在乡村路边拦住当地人打听离下一个村子有多远。“什么?”无一例外,他们都是这种反应。他们的惊讶是可以理解的——老外竟用汉语和他说话。
 The British 1ST Airborne Division (英国第一空降师), which had been dropped near the city lost all but 2,163 of some 9,000men. To Eisenhower this setback “was ample evidence that much bitter campaigning was to come.”
 降落在该市附近的英国第一空降师几乎全军覆没,9000人只剩下2163人。在艾森豪威尔看来,这次受挫充分说明今后还会遇到许多殊死苦战。
 Those small factories are also lavish consumer and waster of raw materials.
 那些小工厂还在极大的消耗和浪费原材料。
 Three out of four examiners called him mad.
 有四个人检查了他,其中三个人为他疯了。
词— II. 增词法
 Every family is said to have at least one skeleton in the cupboard.
 I remember the first time we talked as a woman to a woman.
 我们还记得我们之间那第一次女人之间的知心会意的谈话。
 You may be whatever you resolve to be. Determine to be something in the world, and you will be something.
 It is easier to vent anger at a stranger, particularly a faceless voice on the phone.
 Listening to music will help you to relax.
 He has given my two brothers and I the world and more; he’s there for us every day.
 In Cairo, governments agreed that $17billion a year would be needed to meet year-2000 targets. One-third was to come from industrial counties and two-thirds form developing countries.
 在开罗各国政府同意每年需要170亿美元来实现2000年的目标,其中1/3将来自于工业化国家,2/3来自发展中国家。
 Imagine a time before the Clean Air act。
 很难想象在《空气洁净法案》出台前是什么样的日子。
 The talk today is the “changing world economy”.
 当前流行的话题是“变化中的世界经济”。
 Speed and reliability are the chief advantages of the electronic computers.
 速度快、可靠性强是电子计算机的主要优点。
 Why do we buy the products, viewpoints and candidates urged on us by propaganda messages.
 我们为什么会购买广告宣传向我们兜售的产品,接受广告向我们灌输的观点和选举广告向我们推荐的候选人呢?
 Too much exposure to TV programs will do great harm to the eyesight of children.
 孩子们看电视过多会大大地损坏视力。
 Another war will be the absolute end of our country.
 再来一次战争将彻底毁灭我们这个国家。
 These analysts have been among Google’s biggest boosters for its public offering.
 许多人起劲儿地宣传谷歌公司的上市活动,这些分析师也在其中。
 He is a complicated man –moody, mercurial(易变的), with a melancholy streak(性情、秉性).
 他是一个性格复杂的人——喜怒无常,反复无常,抑郁寡欢。
III. 正反译法!!!
 Before I could say “thank you”, the postman had disappeared around the corner.
 The performance of this organization has not, so far, justified the hopes which we set on it. 到目前为止,这个组织的表现辜负了我们对他寄予的希望。
 Suddenly, he heard a sound behind him, and realized he was not alone in the garage.
 The scientist must approach the familiar just as carefully and cautiously as he
does the unfamiliar. 科学家在处理熟知的事物时,必须像处理陌生的事物一样小心谨慎。
 We must never stop taking an optimistic view of life. 我们对生活要永远抱乐观态度。
 The window refuses to open. 窗户打不开。
 The hot water supply failed last night. 昨晚热水供应中断了。
 Such a chance denied me. 我没有得到这个机会。
 You must have missed the notice on the bulletin. 你一定没有看到公告牌上的通知。
词的译法: 减词法
 The address is the part of the letter that shows the complete name and address of the receiver of the letter being sent.
 A lack of unity in a sentence, or oneness of idea, can unduly challenge the reader.
 We all know that even native speaker have days when they can’t speak an intelligent sentence in any language.
 The report stressed the diverse forms that such programs should take to bring education within the reach of all and extend it to all.
 Science and technology help us o get more out of the land that is used for farming.
 Chinese Americans were contemptuously called “heathen Chinese” because there were many sacred images in their houses of wordship.
 What we need is a general problem-solving program which is able to find solutions to many different types of problems.

disintegration 土崩瓦解
ardent loyalty 赤胆忠心
total exhaustion 精疲力尽
farsightedness 远见卓识
careful consideration 深思熟虑
perfect harmony 水乳交融
feed on fancies 画饼充饥/画梅止渴
with great eagerness 如饥似渴
lack of perseverance 三天打鱼,两天晒网
await with great anxiety 望穿秋水
make a little contribution 添砖加瓦
on the verge of destruction 危在旦夕

 She is now between the devil and deep sea on this matter.
 她在这个问题上真是进退维谷,左右为难。
 But there has been too much publicity about my case.
 但我的事情现在已经搞得满城风雨,人人皆知了。
 The studious young man didn’t begin to feel at home in his chosen career until he entered the college of engineering.
 这个勤奋好学的年轻人早就选定了这个职业,但直到进入工程学院他才如鱼得水。
 He had left a note of welcome for me, as sunny as his face.
 他留下一封短信,对我表示欢迎;那信写得热情洋溢,一如其人。
 He denied it, denied everything, bone and stone.
 她矢口否认,死不认帐!
 The reverberations (反响,回响) of fighting between the forces of India and Pakistan are reaching us in increasing volume.
 印度和巴基斯坦两国部队的杀伐声一阵紧似一阵传到我们这里来。
 汉语:主体思维方式→受事施事化
 海水不可斗量(实际上是“被斗量”)
 文章总算写好了。(实际上是“被写好”)
 困难克服了,工作完成了,问题也解决了。
被动句的翻译方法 I 变体被动句
 Joseph Juran insisted that quality was to be defined by the user, not the producer.
 It appears that he was indeed isolated, targeted, picked on because he is scrawny(皮包骨的), called “freak”, bullied, and humiliated.
 In any case, dreams should be seen, heard, and welcomed into our conscious worlds.
 I was so impressed by these words that I use them later for a Christmas card.
 单个词类:
挨,给,让,叫,使,由 ,受,为,遭…
 词语类:
 短语类:
为…所…; 以…而…; “用……来” ,“可以用来”
II 译为主动句
 In this library, as in other libraries, a limit is placed on the number of books you can borrow at a time.
 These were objectively evaluated by Chinese economists.
 But 2 weeks later, we were being told that our Mikey has full-blown AIDS.
 Loyalty and trust are highly valued in Brazil.
 The National Council for U.S.-China trade(美中贸易全国委员会) was established to promote and facilitate the expansion of commercial relations between the US and PRC.
 美中贸易全国委员会的设立旨在促进和推动…
III 补充主语
 The sound of the church door, opening slowly, was heard.
 Liars are not believed even when they tell the truth.
 President Bush can not be deterred from his plan.
 无人能阻止布什总统实施他的计划。
 With the development of modern electrical engineering(电气工程), power can be transmitted to wherever it is needed.
 What we say here will not be long remembered, but what we do here can change the world.
IV 译为无主句
 From the earliest age, children should be allowed to make decisions and understand their consequences.
 Under these seas the largest single geological feature(地质构成) on earth has been found—a mountain range that dwarfs the Himalayas.
 How can the change in size and importance be explained.
 It is hoped that the war could be put to an end before Christmas Eve.
 All suggestions should be sent to the Managing Director's office before the end of next month.
 请予下月底前将建议提交总经理办公室。
 Pure oxygen must be given patients in certain circumstances.
 在某些情况下必须给病人吸纯氧。
 Power would be gotten if there were money to get it with.
 有了钱,就会以钱谋权。
 Nearly 400 tons of accumulated refuse and dregs(残渣) were removed altogether in five days.
 五天内运走了近四百吨堆积的垃圾与渣土。
 Great efforts should be made to inform young people especially the dreadful consequences of taking up the habit of smoking.
应该尽最大努力告诫年轻人吸烟的危害, 特别是吸上瘾后的可怕后果
V 采用“是…的”句型
 Selecting the proper package is closely related to export marking.
 选择适当的包装与出口标志是密切相关的。
 All the organizations are formed to serve the interest of particular groups.
 所有的机构都是为服务于每个特定群体的利益而成立的。
 Real influence is not built up by striking attitudes or by throwing insults.
 真正的影响不是靠装腔作势和大声辱骂获得的。
 In the old society,women were looked down upon.
 在旧社会,妇女们是受歧视的。
 Poets are born, but orators are made.
 诗人是天生的,而演说家则是后天造就的。
VI 采用有中国特色的 “把…”字句式
 I was awakened from a deep sleep by the ring of the telephone early this.
 He was generally regarded as a Republican, even though he has always thought of himself as an Independent.
 With adults so busy, children are often left in the care of strangers, who seldom provide the affection, guidance and stimulation that devoted grandparents can.
 If water is heated, the molecules move more quickly.
句子的翻译方法之 (二)拆分法(分译法)
 The eight-fold growth in the volume of international trade since the Second World War has provided continuing evidence of GATT’s (关贸总协定) successes in this double role.
 第二次世界大战以来,国际贸易总额增长了七倍。这证明关贸总协定在上述双重作用中不断取得成功。
 Your presumption that he would want to share a flat with you is false.
 如果你认为他会想同你合伙住一套公寓,那你就错了。
 And I talked to him with brutal frankness.
 我对他讲的话,虽然逆耳,却是忠言。
 When censorship(审查) laws are relaxed, dishonest people are given a chance to produce virtually anything in the name of “art”.
 当审查放宽时, 招摇撞骗之徒就会有机可乘, 在“艺术”的幌子下炮制出形形色色的东西来。
 Now we are engaged in a great civil war testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived in liberty, can long endure.
 现在我们正在进行一场伟大的国内战争,战争考验着这个国家或任何在自由中孕育成长的国家是否能够国基永固,长久治安。
 It doesn’t come as a surprise to realize that it makes no difference what you read or study if you can’t remember it.
 如果记不住,那么谈什么或学什么也一样白搭(徒劳)。这一点是不会让人吃惊的/不是什么让人吃惊的事。
 Because of their origins in the public school system, these institutions do respond to the needs and desires of the community.
 由于这些学院源自公立教育体系,它们必须按照社区的需求去做。
 ★There is no quicker way of disposing of patients than by giving them what they are asking for.
 病人要什么药就给什么药,再没有比这更快的处理(打发)病人的办法了。
 Then a large group of boys and girls, friends of Tom and Joe, came to the school and stood looking over the fence into the yard where they had play together.
 随后,一大群男孩子和女孩子来到了学校,他们都是汤姆和乔的朋友。他们站在那里,注视着栅栏那边曾经一起玩耍的地方。
 The number of young people in the US who cannot read is incredible—about one in four.
 大约有1/4的美国青年目不识丁,这简直令人难以置信。
 美国青年中大约1/4的人目不识丁,这真令人难以置信。
 ★★★ Is publication of the book a ploy(策略) to clear away unpleasant gossip and stir up interest before Hillary becomes candidate of the presidency.
 希拉里成为总统候选人之前,必须消除令人不愉快的闲言并引起人们对她的兴趣。那么这本书的出版是否是这么做的一个策略呢?
 ★ The technique of selecting and emphasizing the points of superiority of a specific product in business negotiations is called product differentiation(产品差异法).
 ★When tables and other materials are included, they should be conveniently placed, so that a student can consult them without turning over too many pages.
 当书中列有表格或其他参考资料时, 应当将这些内容编排在适当的位置, 以便学生在查阅时, 不必翻太多的书页。
 ★ Commercial banks provide education loans to finance children’s studies and working adults who would like to pursue further education.
 商业银行(向客户)提供教育贷款,有的用于学生的在校学习,有的用于已有工作的成年 人进行继续教育。
 ★ To covert Fahrenheit degrees into Centigrade, subtract 32 and multiply by 5/9.
 At daybreak Rainsford was awakened by a sound that made him know that he had new things to learn about fear.
 黎明时刻,雷恩斯福德被一种声音惊醒了,这声音使他意识到自己面临着新的可怕的事情/还有他从不知晓的可怕的事情在等待着他。
 ★ Man’s warm blood makes it difficult for him to live long in the sea without some kind warmth.
 人的血液是热的,如果人体得不到一定的热量,人就难以长期在海水中生活。
 人的血液是热的,所以如果得不到一定的热量,人就难以长期在海水中生活。
 ★ War today assumes the form of civil war and its belligerents(交战国) are not states but the distinctive communities—ethic and social—which seek political fulfillment to compensate for their personal, cultural and social frustration.
 ★ This film is a dramatic treatment of a threatened stoppage(罢工、停产)in a factory.
 本片用戏剧手法,表现一家工厂面临罢工威胁的情况。
 ★ Telemarketing is now an accepted way of selling wholesale and retail products, responsible for marketing everything from 50-cent magazines to heavy construction equipment costing hundreds of thousands of dollar.
 人们普遍使用电话营销方法进行产品的批发与零售。所有产品都可以用这种方法进行销售,小到50美分一本的杂志,大到几十万美元的重型建筑设备。
 ★ It is no small matter for the 22-year old Yao ming, the first Chinese player to become a star in the NBA, to get used to the American way of life.
 22岁的姚明成为当上NBA球星的第一个中国球员。对他来说,适应美国的生活可不是一件小事。
 姚明22岁,成了当上NBA球星的第一个中国球员。对他来说,适应美国的生活可不是一件小事。
Unscratched by the scandal over lavish gifts, cash and other favors / doled(施舍) out by Salt Lake bidders(竞标人) in capturing the 2002 Winter Games / that saw 10 members expelled or forced to resign, Rogge has maintained a clean image.
The cutbacks(减少) in industrial imports /brought about by China’s current readjustment and /the inevitable initial confusion produced by decentralization of the trade structure /have raised serious and legitimate questions in the minds of foreign friends.
Two years later, another UN-sponsored meeting—the International Conference on Population and Development (ICPD) in Cairo— / saw delegates from 179 countries hammer out a “program of action” / that sets as one of its primary goals the universal availability of reproductive health services, including family planning.
Applied science, on the other hand, is directly concerned with the application of the working laws of pure science to the practical affairs of life, and to increasing man’s control over his environment, thus leading to the development of new techniques, processes and machines.
 或许你会发现,自己正为嘈杂的言语包围,耳根难得清静。
 Maybe you will find yourself being surrounded by noisy talks of various kinds and unable to have peace for your ears.
 如今,我50岁了,回想起这三位朋友的启示,真是至理名言。
 Looking in retrospect, I, 50 now, find what the three of my friends said were indeed maxims.
 20岁那年,我任职的公司突然倒闭,我失业了。
 I was out of job at the age of 20 when the company where I worked went into sudden bankruptcy.
 大学一年级,俞平伯、余冠英两位老师叫我国文,一位教读本,一位教作文。
 In my first college year, Mr. Yu Pingbo and Yu Guanying gave us Chinese lessons, one reading, the other writing.
 看看那原来自卑的女孩吧!自打受到了这封信,就恢复了勇气和信心。她抬高了自己高贵的头,她的步伐从此充满了自信,她发奋图强,到了那年年终,她果然以全优的成绩得到了全班同学的一致赞美!
 We turned to that girl only to find that she restored her courage and confidence ever since the letter reached her. With her head high with pride, her steps light with confidence, she went all out in her study and got all-As in the final examinations, which won the approval of all her fellow students.
 媒体的宣传总是有其目的在内,或偏或隐或歪曲或扩大,这些都是不可避免的。
 It’s inevitable that the media propagation, to achieve its purpose, tends to have some distraction, distortion, concealing and exaggeration of the facts.
 她(张爱玲)的第一笔稿费是五块钱,她用这笔钱买了一支口红,用来为苍白的童年增加一点亮色。
 The first contribution earned her 5 yuan, with which she bought a lipstick to put a brighter color to her pale childhood.
 比如有的人来面试,问他一个问题,他明明不懂,但是他装懂,经过一次提醒之后,他还在那儿装懂,继续胡扯。
 For instance, when an interviewee is given a question which is obviously above him, he pretends he knows it and continues the pretension by further nonsense after being cautioned once.
 有的人为了达到某种目的,会隐瞒一些问题,只要稍加追问,很快就会露出马脚。
 There are still some others who, for some purpose, will conceal something, but will soon give themselves away at further inquiries.
 时下流行着两种嫉妒。一是表现在某些领导者身上。这些领导嫉能妒贤,生怕出了人才,盖过了自己。
 Now two types of jealousy prevail. One is manifested in leading government officials who harbor a dislike for able persons for fear that their own capabilities are overtopped.
 伟大艺术的美学鉴赏和伟大的科学观念的理解都需要智慧。
 Wisdom is required both in appreciating great artistic works and in understanding great scientific concepts.
 为了保证国民经济持续、快速、健康地发展,我们必须加快国有企业的改革步伐。
 The speed of reform of state-owned enterprises must be accelerated (stepped up) to ensure sustained, rapid and sound development of the national economy.
 中国的饮食方式正在发生许多变化。
 Many changes are taking place in China’s diet style.
 中国的饮食文化具有悠久的历史。
 China has a long history in her diet culture.
 他的身材魁梧,生一副大长方脸,嘴巴阔大,肌肤呈着紫檀色(red sandalwood)。
 He was a giant of a man with a long square face, a wide mouth and a complexion suffused with the colour of read sandalwood.
 充分发挥非公有制经济在促进经济增长、扩大就业和活跃市场等方面的重要作用。
 We should take advantage of non public-owned economy, including individual, privately owned etc., to fulfill it's significant effect on accelerating economic improvement, enlarging employment, and flourishing the market.
 然而,要想了解一个人的禀赋资质和实际能力如何,考试是考不出名堂来的。
 But exams are for vain if you want to know about the gift, intelligence or practical abilities of a person.
 凡事应该适度,适度是最安全的。
 One should be moderate in all things, and moderation is always the safest way.
 自从理查德•尼克松(Richard Nixon)同癌症宣战以来已经有30年了.
 It is already three decades since Richard Nixon declared war on cancer.
 大学的研究所(graduate school)才是初步研究学问的所在.
 It is graduate school in a university that is the place to do research work at a basic level.
 还将有一些生活极端贫困的人们,他们还需要政府的资助.
 There will still be some people living in extreme poverty, who are still in need of the government’s financial support.

2. 定谓语
 中国加入世贸组织以后,外商参与中国投资活动的机会将越来越多,自身发展的空间也越来越大。
 After China’s entry into WTO, more opportunities will be created for the participation of foreign entrepreneurs in the investments in China and larger space for their own development.
 迄今为止,教育工作还没有找到比考试更有效、更可靠的方法。
 So far, there has been no way which is more effective and reliable than exams in education.
 此外,对于那些刚刚脱贫的人们,他们目前的生活状况必须改善。
 Furthermore, the present living conditions must be improved for those who have just freed themselves from poverty.
 “学习”也许意味着对一系列细小而不相关的行为按新的顺序重新排列。
 Learning may mean that a number of small independent acts are arranged in a new order.
 我将乘飞机离开北京。
 I will leave Beijing by plane.
 他拉过一把椅子放在客人背后。
 He drew up a chair and placed it behind the visitor.
 He drew up a chair, placing it behind the visitor.
 He drew up a chair which he then placed behind the visitor.
 不久,她提着篮子回来了。
 After a short while, she came back, holding a basket in her hand.
 他哼着曲子从山上走下来。
 He walked down the hill, singing softly to himself.
 市政府于去年底启动了一项“净空(air-decontamination)”工程,关闭了大气污染严重的企业。
 The municipal government started an air-decontamination project at the end of last year, closing the enterprises that cause heavy pollutions.
 从社会总体、长远的利益出发,政府可以运用税收、转移支付等方式适当调节收入分配差距,扶助弱势群体,维护整个社会的和谐、稳定。
 From the society as a whole and long-term profit perspectives, the government can use tax or transfer payment to appropriately adjust the difference of income distribution, help the weak and maintain harmony and stability of the society.
 近年来我省在引进外资方面动作很大。
 Recent years have seen much progress in importing foreign direct investment.
 国外的趋势和动向难以观测和控制。
 It is difficult to observe and monitor international market trends and competition.
 这回考得不理想。
 I didn’t do the exam as well as I expected.
 这几年西方的经济一直不景气。
 The recent years have witnessed an economic depression in the West.
 接到的材料和样品颜色不同。
 There is a difference in color between the received materials and the sampled ones.
 请你正确地戴用耳机,L左R右。
 Wear the headphones properly: the letter L refers to left, and R right.
汉英翻译技巧 1
 凭舟极目望去,远处是黛色青山和五彩斑斓的田野。
 Leaning against the boat, you can see dark green mountains and gorgeous fields in the far distance.
 小不忍则乱大谋。
 If one is not patient in small things, one will never be able to control great ventures.
 我们总要相信,全世界也好,中国也好,多数人是好人。
 We must believe that in China, as everywhere else in the world, the majority of the people are good.
 沉默啊,沉默啊!不在沉默中爆发,就在沉默中灭亡。
 Silence! Silence!Unless we burst out, we shall parish in this silence.
 中国人民珍惜同各国人民的友谊与合作,也珍惜自己经过长期奋斗而得来的独立自主权利。
 The Chinese people cherish its friendship and cooperation with other peoples, as well as their right to independence they have won through protracted struggles.
 在人际关系问题上我们不要太搞浪漫主义。
 We should not be too romantic in interpersonal relations.
 …这是因为,第一,开始吃的时候你正处于饥饿状态,饿了吃糠甜如蜜。
 …what accounts for tall this is, in the first place, you are hungry when you start to eat. As the saying goes, “Hunger is the best sauce” .
 讨论的范围涉及中美关系,中俄关系…
 The discussion covers Sino-U.S relation, Sino-Russ ion relation…
 农业已获得了大丰收。
 There have been good harvests.
 匪军所至,杀戮人民,奸淫妇女,焚毁村庄,掠夺财物,无所不用其极。
 Wherever the bandit troops went, they massacred and raped, burned and looted, and stopped at nothing.
 采用这种新装置可以大大地降低废品库。
 The adoption of this new device will greatly cut down the percentage of defective products.
 汉语的特点之一是动词占优势。
 One of the characteristics of the Chinese language is the predominance of the verb.
 由于世界普遍缺乏粮食,这就直接影响到科威特和其他不毛的和沙漠国家。
 The international food shortage had a direct impact on Kuwait and other barren desert countries.
 我笔直向前高速飞行,越过港口,飞越海洋。
 I barreled straight ahead, across the harbour and out over the sea.
 时代华纳愿付给TCI三亿六千万美元购买南方卫星这家公司。
 Time Warner will pay TCI 360 million dollars for the Southern Satellite company.
 读一点中国历史对研究其改革开放有帮助。
 An acquaintance with Chinese history is helpful to the study of China’s reform and open policy.
 由于公共汽车司机的疏忽,早成了这次交通事故。
 The accident was caused by the negligence of the bus driver.
 由于业务繁忙,我难以按原计划访问贵公司。
 My tight schedule of business duties will not permit me to visit your company as planned.
 如果谷物收成不好,将会出现严重的粮荒。
 If the crops fail there will be a serious food shortage.
 她说这是真的,当我们不那样认为。
 She says it’s genuine, but we think otherwise.
 部队宁可绕道走,也不睬庄稼。
 The troops would rather take a roundabout way than tread on the crops.
 请从速结帐。
 We would appreciate your paying the bill without delay.
 使用耳塞耳机(headphone)时,别让较长一边的导线围绕在颈前。
 The inner headphones should be worn the longer cord behind your neck.
汉译英 2
 中国已成功地发射了第一颗试验通讯卫星。这颗卫星是由三级火箭(three-stage rocket)推动的,一直运转正常。它标志着我国在发展运载火箭(carrier rockets)和电子技术方面进入了一个新的阶段。(try)
 The successful launching of China’s first experimental communications satellite, which was propelled by a three-stage rocket and has been in operation ever since, indicates that China has entered a new stag in the development of carrier rockets and electronics.
 此新品种(variety)耐寒、耐旱,适合在中国北方生长。
 Cold and drought tolerant, the new variety is adaptable to north China.
 我们将遵循质量第一、用户至上的原则,热忱地为用户服务。
 Strictly adhering to the principles of “quality first” and “customer First”, we will offer best service to clients.
 现在,晨雾把什么都遮没了,就是稍远的电线杆也躲得无影无踪。
 Now, the morning fog had shut out everything completely, including the wire poles at a moderate distance.
 他一向为人低调,凡事喜欢以身作则,但是这一次却大发雷霆。
 This time he, a low-keyed man who prefers to lead by example, became furious.
 由于原材料成本高昂,我们难以按你方来信所示价格满足订货。
 We find it difficult to fill your order at the prices indicated in your letter because of the high cost of raw materials.
 这个学期我们主要有四门课:一门是商务英语,一门是口语,一门是翻译,还有一门是广告分析。
 This semester we have 4 courses: one is Business Communication, another is Spoken English, the third Translation, and still another, Ads Anylasis.
 快乐的死亡是快乐的,不仅他自己感到快乐,别人看来也很快乐。
 Happy death is a joyful thing, bringing happiness to both the writer himself and other people.
 …, 他们习惯如此,一件事必定要从盘古开天辟地说起,越说越远,到后来每每无法回到本题,于是说者和听者面面相觑。
 …, by force of habit the discourse has to go back to begin with the Creation, leading the speaker further and further away from the point until invariably there is no way of getting back to it, leaving him and his listeners staring at each other blankly.

体验智能记忆 记住文章里的生词